As a part of research university, we aim to develop and maintain the highest possible standards in both students learning and research in communicable diseases. With the support of internal and external funding, we are able to complete a several research projects and published our research findings on peer-reviewed journals such as ISI and SCOPUS.


1 Title Meningitis-Associated Genes In Mycobacterium Species
Authors Sook Fan Yap, Yun Fong Ngeow
Journal The 4th RSU International Research Conference On Science And Technology, Social Science, And Humanities 2019, 2019



1 Title Knowledge of Nutrition During Pregnancy and Associated Factors Among Antenatal Mothers
Authors Lim Z.X., Wong J.L., Lim P.Y., Soon L.K.
Journal International Journal Of Public Health And Clinical Sciences
2 Title Low Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus Colonization Among Dental Students In A Teaching Hospital In Malaysia
Authors Wong, J.L., Siti-Azrin, A.H., Mohd-Fadhli, K. and Siti-Asma, H.
Journal Tropical Biomedicine



1 Title Antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium abscessus and Mycobacterium fortuitum isolates from Malaysian patients
Authors Sharmilla Devi Jayasingam, Thaw Zin, Yun Fong Ngeow
Journal International Journal of Mycobacteriology
2 Title Genomic Comparisons Reveal Microevolutionary Differences in Mycobacterium abscessus Subspecies
Authors Joon L. Tan, Kee P. Ng, Chia S. Ong and Yun F. Ngeow
Journal frontier in Microbiology
3 Title Novel Genetic Variants of Hepatitis B Virus in Fulminant Hepatitis
Authors Jack Bee Chook, Yun Fong Ngeow, Kok Keng Tee, Suat Cheng Peh, and Rosmawati Mohamed
Journal Journal of Pathogens
4 Title Phylogeny and putative virulence gene analysis of Bartonella bovis
Authors Sun Tee Tay, Kai Ling Kho, Siew Fen Lye, Yun Fong Ngeow
Journal Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
5 Title Risk Factors and Etiologies of Clean and Clean Contaminated Surgical Site Infections At A Tertiary Care Center In Malaysia
Authors WJ Leong, H Hasan, Z Zakaria, MZH Ghazali, SAA Hamid, SA Hassan
Journal Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health
6 Title Synthesis and biological evaluation of indole core-based derivatives with potent antibacterial activity against resistant bacterial pathogens
Authors Wei Hong, Jingyang Li, Zhe Chang, Xiaoli Tan, Hao Yang, Yifan Ouyang, Yanhui Yang, Sargit Kaur, Ian C Paterson, Yun Fong Ngeow & Hao Wang
Journal The Journal of Antibiotics
7 Title Synthesis of 2,4-Diaminopyrimidine Core-Based Derivatives and Biological Evaluation of Their Anti-Tubercular Activities
Authors Yifan Ouyang, Hao Yang, Peng Zhang, Yu Wang, Sargit Kaur, Xuanli Zhu, Zhe Wang, Yutong Sun, Wei Hong , Yun Fong Ngeow 2, and Hao Wang
Journal Molecule



1 Title Chromosomal rearrangements and protein globularity changes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from cerebrospinal fluid
Authors Seow Hoon Saw​, Joon Liang Tan, Xin Yue Chan, Kok Gan Chan, Yun Fong Ngeow​
Journal Peer-Reviewed

* All the above publications were listed by alphabetical order *