Our Goals

  1. To improve the health of Malaysians through research and education for the better prevention and control of communicable diseases.
  2. To contribute towards global health by disseminating important findings from research conducted in FMHS and collaborating institutions.
  3. To be a resource centre that is recognized globally for basic and applied research, development, training, education and promotional activities in communicable diseases.
  4. To conduct research – with special emphasis on the detection, prevention and control of communicable diseases associated with high morbidity, mortality and large-scale outbreaks.
  5. To strengthen research capacity – with the development of infrastructure and skilled manpower for communicable diseases research through the training of post-graduate students and scientific officers, and collaborating with local and international scientists in communicable diseases research.
  6. To promote research culture –through the provision of academic courses and technical training programs for postgraduate students, securing funding and providing assistance in the application for research funding.
  7. To enhance technology development and analytical services – applicable in the diagnosis, management, prevention and control of communicable diseases.